About Us

Founded in 2017, and with a record of excellence in Caribbean & Latin cuisine since 2011; We are proud to bring you Taste of Successs Catering! Cooking for others has always been a passion of ours and we look at cooking as an art. The style we provide comes from our Haitian and Puerto Rican homes, respectively.

We realized during our service with the US Army that we were destined to serve people the best Caribbean & Latin cuisines there is to offer. We are currently building our food truck in hopes of creating a full catering business that caters to the Dallas-Ft.Worth areas and beyond! With you, we can make this dream become a reality!

Food Truck

Our Food truck is currently in the works! With the food truck we plan on being stationed in various areas of DFW through-out the week and also we will be mobile for catering events. Looking around DFW there isn't much competition for Caribbean and Latin cuisine caterers and we know we can be successful in providing the DFW area with excellent catering!

The good news is that we've already purchased the truck! However, we are currently trying to raise funding in order to buy the cooking equipment, the sales system as well as painting the truck. We've already developed the business plan and have figured the cost of completing our goals now we need your backing!

Giving Back!

Our plan once we are up and running is to give back to local non-profit veteran organizations monthly and quarterly! We are thankful that you've chosen to help us and we know how much others will appreciate the help we can provide as well! Also for those donating we will be giving you special gifts as a token of our appreciation!

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